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Find out how the B-Cure Laser can help Ease Your Pet's Pain AT Home

The device does not replace doctor’s orders

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: B-Cure Laser is based on LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) technology, that treats the pain and may treat it’s source effectively.

USER FRIENDLY: Thanks to its compact, lightweight shape, the B-Cure Laser device is no longer available only at the veterinary office; you can use it anytime and anywhere!

CLINICALLY PROVEN AND SAFE: B-Cure Laser’s efficacy and safety was proven in several double-blind studies, all of which confirmed its clinical value.


  • Easy and safe for home use
  • Accelerates healing and treats pain
  • Faster return to happy tail wagging
  • Proven efficacy
More than 190,000 devices SOLD
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Clarisse Agbegnenou – Women Judo, World Champion
(2014, 2017, 2018, 2019)
I can definitely say it was one of the best decisions Ive made in my life. I used the device two-three times a day and within a few days the pain decreased significantly. From not being able to move my arm, I quickly managed to make movements and return to training. B-Cure Laser helped me return to routine faster than the “usual recovery” applying my standard care treatments. surprising even my doctors. I started training again very quickly.
Doris K.
“…We can't escape the problems that come with ageing - but YES, there is something that helps ease the pain that attacks my body - the B –Cure Laser.”
Almog Buzaglo – Football, Hapoel Haifa (2018)
Nine months ago I was diagnosed with two ruptured ligaments in the knee… I started physiotherapy, drugs and exercises. I started to feel a bit better, but still not good enough... Two months ago at the Wingate clinic, the physiotherapist recommended B-Cure laser to me. She said that from her experience with other athletes, it could help my recovery. I started to treat with this device at home and within a few days began to feel a significant improvement and today I returned to my team and started playing again. I cannot describe in words the feeling that my knees no longer hurt...
Nekoda Davis – Double World Medalist (2017, 2018)
This device is amazing, helps me with my pain instantly. It is so quick and easy to use! Approved by my surgeon and physio so I have no worries. I hope to recover quicker due to this device. A massive thank you to B-Cure Laser for trusting me with your devices to try out. (They came all the way from Israel and personally handed to me) Also a big thank you to Yarden Gerbi who introduced me to the wonders of this device and the lovely people from the company.
Lorraine Lemberger
I highly recommend the b-cure laser as it has helped me to eradicate constant pain that i have had in my hip joints for years. my orthopedist recommended it to me. he himself said that he doesn't know how or why it helps elevate the pain, but that he has seen results in his patients. i began using it, and felt a huge difference within 3 weeks. i no longer have pains in my hips and can do exercises now that used to cause me great pain. i am very consistent in using it, and follow the instructions for use every day. at various times, when i was travelling, i could not be as consistent, and yet still experienced no pain. i consider it to be nothing short of miraculous!! thank you b-cure laser!!
John James Abisch – Canada
I have had a problem with chronic neck pain and shoulder injuries for years. A neuromuscular massage therapist recommended the B-Cure Laser. I bought the Sport several years ago through Amazon and I must say it worked very well at diminishing the pain and healing a shoulder injury. I now recently purchased the Pro and have experienced very good results. I now exercise three times a week and if I have any pain from time to time, I use the B-Cure Laser for a few days to a week and the pain is gone. Thank you Good Energies for a great product.
Tacconi Stefano – Football, Former Juventus Goalkeeper (1983-1992)
A few months ago I heard about a device called B-Cure Laser Sport... What convinced me the most was that the device was tested here in Italy and proved to be effective in a clinical trial. No side effects, short treatment time, and I could treat myself anywhere, at any time, at home and even while traveling.
I began to treat myself with B-Cure Laser Sport and used it for the pains I had on both my legs and back. After several days of treatments at home I began to feel better - the pain decreased significantly and my mobility distinctly improved. I am thrilled to recommend it to everyone...
"In Clarisse’s case, I saw that B-Cure Laser helped a lot her rehabilitation process and I’m convinced it significantly shortened the healing process of her injury. Soft laser is an excellent technology without any side effects to treat athletes. B-Cure Laser is a great contribution to our standard care treatments."
Jess Ammar Osteopathe, Paris, France
"Moetus Health are extremely pleased with the results received in the short time we’ve employed the B-Cure Lasers into our treatment protocols. We are very excited to offer the B-Cure Laser for home-use. Both the consistency and convenience will greatly improve the success of treatment."
Moetus Health Canada, Jenine Saunders, BSc. (Hons.) Physiotherapy, Ontario, Canada
"B-Cure Laser's exceptional efficacy has been proven by clinical trials and I highly recommend it as part of treatment protocols for the management of muscle strains and sport injuries."
Richard Reff, MD., Board of Directors of the United States, Olympic Committee (USOC)

Dr. David Ben-Kiki, Chiropractor

Dr. David Cohen, Veterinarian

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