Laser treatment: An innovative approach to shoulder pain management

Every year millions of individuals worldwide get affected by shoulder pain and it can occur due to various factors like bursitis, tendonitis, and cuff injuries. Despite common treatments like surgery, medication, and physiotherapy, doctors suggest alternative therapies such as Laser treatments. Laser therapy, also known as, low-level laser therapy or some may also call it cold laser therapy as well a well-tested treatment for reducing pain and faster healing.

Laser therapy

It has emerged as a proven healing method for individuals of any age. In this article, we will explore the potential benefits, effectiveness, and the entire innovative approach of laser therapy for pain management.

What is Laser therapy?

Laser therapy uses a low-intensity laser on cells for faster healing purposes compared to other traditional methods that are lengthy and takes time. The laser device emits photons that infiltrate the skin and interacts with the cells resulting in biochemical reactions. This method can reduce pain and inflammation, improve blood circulation and regenerate tissue.

Laser therapy for shoulder pain is an effective treatment suggested by medical practitioners and doctors for faster and painless recovery. However, it requires a few sessions to experience the ultimate comfort and cure for the ailment.

What are the benefits of laser therapy for shoulder ailments?

  • Inflammation reduction – Inflammation is a common phenomenon that occurs in your shoulders during shoulder pain. Laser treatment has shown anti-inflammatory results by reducing inflammation and by relieving pain and swelling in the shoulder area in no time.
  • Reduces Pain – The frozen shoulder laser therapy is known for reducing shoulder pain through the release of endorphins. Those are chemicals known for natural pain-relieving in your body and by laser therapy, these endorphins can decrease pain and provide overall comfort in your body.
  • Painless treatments – Laser therapy and treatments are non-invasive and painless and involve no surgical procedures such as incisions and sutures. This makes it an attractive choice for individuals looking for non-pharmacological approaches to managing pain. Laser therapy is a painless form of treatment and individuals only experience warming sensations and soothing during the session.
  • Improved Range of motion – The pain in your shoulder can limit the mobility and motion of the affected area. Laser therapy for shoulder pain, helps stimulate cellular activity and supports tissue repair by improving the range of motion and flexibility. By reduction of inflammation and pain, laser treatment allows individuals to participate in physical therapy and rehabilitation resulting in improved shoulder function. 
  • Less side effectsCold laser therapy for shoulder pain is safe and has minimal side effects unlike surgical or conventional methods and their systemic effects. Hence it does not require any extra recovery time, and there is no need to consume medications for any extra side effects. The maximum that an individual can face is mild warmth and redness in the skin in the treated area and those can quickly subside as well.
  • Convenient and fast – Laser sessions do not take much time and they are convenient and relatively short compared to other methods of treatment for shoulder pain. The entire laser treatment for should pain can be addressed and completed in the healthcare professional’s clinic and the individual does not require admittance to a hospital for it. 

 Also, with quick 20-minute sessions one can undergo these laser therapy sessions and get them done in only a couple of sessions.

  • Complementary treatmentLaser for shoulder pain can be performed alongside other treatments for shoulder pain. You can perform laser therapy on your shoulder while taking other medications for it or when you have other ailments. Laser therapy can only add to the effective treatments going on for it.

 Laser therapy can be beneficial for unsatisfied individuals with conventional methods or who haven’t found relief from surgery.

Considerations & Limitations of Laser Therapy for shoulder pain

The laser treatment works wonders and shows effective consequences on shoulder pain but it has certain limitations. Laser therapy may be effective on individuals depending on individual responses and specific conditions they have. Some may experience instant pain relief and for others, it may take time and a few extra sessions.

Laser therapy requires consultation with a healthcare specialist who has prior experience with laser therapy on shoulders and offers you a suitable treatment plan. It is important to undergo it from a licensed and authorized clinic with good client ratings and reviews.

Moreover, laser therapy might not be appropriate for everyone because certain individuals may be allergic to it, and may have negative effects. For example, cancer, epilepsy patients, or individuals with active infections may not be suitable for this therapy. Also, pregnant women should consult their doctors before undergoing laser treatment for their shoulders.

Shoulder laser therapy and treatment are expensive because of the multiple therapy sessions and faster results. So, individuals can go for insurance plans that support the therapy and receive verified coverage for the treatment.

Final Word

Laser treatment for shoulder pain is hugely beneficial for healing and curing your shoulder pain permanently. Laser treatment is a non-invasive therapy with several potential benefits alongside a fruitful approach to managing pain. It can heal your tissue, regenerate, reduce inflammation, and pain, and improve circulation. 

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