Toe fungus laser healing: Effective treatment with non-invasive methods

Laser treatment is a popular medical treatment method for several causes. It is also known as photobiomodulation, performed by using specific wavelengths of light to reduce inflammations and heal. This form of therapy is used in several medical fields, including physical therapy dermatology, dentistry, and for a wide range of medical conditions.

In recent years, laser treatment for toe fungus has gained much popularity as the toenail fungus treatment with promising results. Toe fungus affects millions of people worldwide and is known as a common condition. However, compared to traditional treatments toe fungus can be treated faster and more effectively with laser rays, with more benefits.

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Laser therapy works in a way that the focused light energy targets the fungal cells and destroys them so there is no chance of the multiplication of those cells. More prominently, the light energy is absorbed by the pigments within the affected cells, resulting in them heating up and eventually dying. The entire process can take up to 20-30 minutes with few sessions in the full course and show optimal results and comfortable aftereffects.

Here are the main advantages of laser therapy for turf toe fungus

  1. Targeted treatment – Laser therapy can target these fungal cells and destroy them and reduce the chances of toenail fungus so that it does not further affect tissues. This can magically work for anyone going through toe fungus and not be satisfied with another form of treatment.  Laser therapy is strong and can kill the stubborn cells that cause fungal infections compared to other treatments.
  1. Non-Invasive TreatmentToe fungus laser treatment is purely a non-invasive treatment option that does not require slits and medical supervision. It is highly safe and very beneficial for patients who are sensitive to medications or not okay with potential side effects. Overall, this procedure is comfortable with no side effects at all.
  1. Minimal discomfort – There is no involvement of any incision, slits, or any incision, so the entire procedure is just painless with only slight tingling and warming situation. It can be relieving for patients who are under the impression of experiencing pain or any discomfort during the situation.
  1. Almost no side effects – Laser therapy is known for its minimal or no side effects. The toenail fungus laser procedure may cause mild discomfort, redness, and swelling around the toenail is common and can take only a few days to go away, and is not considered serious.
  1. Positive Results and Success RatesToe laser treatment has high success rates and clinical studies have shown its positive results for long-term healing. Patients experiencing toe fungus get treated in no time with reductions in fungal infections and improvement in nail appearance. The therapy shows positive results in a few months experience permanent freedom from toe fungus.
  1. Short treatment time – This cold laser therapy for turf toe is a short-term process with a single treatment session typically lasting only a few minutes. Hence patients can take advantage of it and schedule these sessions in their busy work schedules and might not undergo lengthy sessions. This therapy promises long-term optimal results by reducing commitment time.
  1. 7. Cost-effectiveness – The most important advantage of laser treatment for toe fungus is that it is cost-effective and you pay only minimal amounts for each session. Laser therapy for toe-nail fungus is beneficial even for patients who cannot afford expensive treatments.

 However, it is only the initial cost of the therapy which is higher than the following ones. So, by purchasing topical creams and antifungal medications one can save money and reduce the overall treatment expenditure.

Here are a few steps of the laser toe fungus removal therapy process

Step 1:  Before starting the treatment, the patient’s toes are cleaned any dead tissue or debris is removed. Then the toenails are trimmed to make sure the laser penetrates deeper into the nail. 

Step 2: The nail technician adjusts the laser according to the patient’s needs and the infection’s severity. After that, the laser beam is pointed toward the toenail, and the procedure starts. It can take many attempts to ensure the removal of all infected cells and that the patient feels slight painless and tingling sensations while undergoing the treatment.

Step 3: After completion of the laser treatment, the patient can easily return to normal activities. Also, the patient can start wearing shoes and socks right away. It is highly recommended, that the patient avoids wearing nail polish and other products on the nails for a couple of days right after the treatment. They should keep the nails dry and clean to prevent future infections.

Step 4: The toe fungus therapy requires multiple follow-up sessions to maintain shape. The number of sessions you require will depend on the severity of the infection or your response to the treatment. Most patients usually require more than 2 sessions between weeks. However, in certain cases, if you were to visit before or after a certain session, you will be asked beforehand. These follow-ups ensure the progress of the treatment and call for any necessary adjustments if required. 

Bottom Line

Laser therapy for toe fungus quickly resolves the issue and is a proven method by renowned practitioners and doctors. Its long-lasting effect helps eradicate the fungal cells directly and after a few follow-ups, you can experience permanent solutions. This therapy can be highly effective compared to traditional methods and approaches such as creams and antifungal medications.

Most importantly, it is a cost-effective and non-invasive treatment for anyone with a budget and tight expenditure. To get this therapy, patients should consult their healthcare provider to understand whether it is right for them or not. At B Cure Laser, you can consult the finest laser practitioner and doctor before availing of the therapy for a reasonable take. Get in touch and get started today!